Honoring the Special Needs Child

Breath, Body and Emotion

Teaching children how to connect to their breath, body and emotion, cultivates and nurtures their own inner strength, guidance and perfection. This workshop teaches you how to invite and engage children into this exploration through the introduction of contemplative practices such as yoga, Qi gong, somatics and mindfulness. You will learn how to create an environment that encourages children of all abilities to work from their personal strengths rather than focusing on their limitations.

Learn to integrate these practice into your “traditional” work with children with a variety of diagnoses such as ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, PDD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Anxiety and Stress Related Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Mild-Moderate Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Developmental Delays and Behavioral Challenges.

Develop peace from the inside out.

Would you like to empower children to develop independent tools to organize their nervous system?

Strategies will include techniques to:

  • Manage sensory needs quickly and effectively
  • Reduce anxiety and stress (yours and theirs)
  • Release defense mode patterning and tension in the body
  • Integrate primitive reflexes to improve overall function
  • Improve the flow of breath and energy in the body
  • Reprogram habitual patterns

Would you like to learn more effective techniques to support inclusion for ALL children?

Learn creative ways to:

  • Support effective and authentic inclusion in classrooms, therapy and home environments
  • Lead peaceful group experiences which meet each student where they are and align with individual therapy/classroom goals
  • Provide opportunities for easeful social interaction and communication between peers, family members, and therapists
  • Integrate games, partner work, journaling and drawing

Is behavior still getting in the way of learning?

(even though you have tried different strategies and techniques)

Guide yourself and the children in your care to:

  • Recognize, accept and honor any feelings that arise in the body
  • Improve emotional awareness and acceptance, facilitating release within the mind and body
  • Become mindful and proactive in recognizing triggers
  • Reframe our lens and understand the root cause(s) and communicative nature of all behavior
  • Develop more adaptive coping skills

Who should attend

Special Educators, Inclusive Educators, Behavioral Therapists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Social Workers, School Counselors, Yoga teachers, Parents, and Caregivers.