Young Explorers

Yoga and Mindfulness for Early Childhood

The Zensational Kids approach to pre-school yoga and mindfulness keeps developmental milestones at its forefront, promoting growth of the ‘whole’ child. Implementing yoga and mindfulness into your classroom routines, supports children with diverse needs while facilitating the development of social and emotional learning skills. Imagine teaching young children how to use their breath to calm, use yoga poses to organize their body and build self awareness, use mindfulness to develop the skill of focus, with compassion, empathy and kindness towards themselves and others.

No yoga experience is necessary. Learn how you can begin implementing evidence-based, practical and fun techniques into your classes immediately.

Your educators will learn how to:

  • Introduce breath, movement and mindfulness in a fun, playful, interactive and engaging manner
  • Infuse yoga and mindfulness into literature, music, circle time, centers and cooperative games
  • Teach kindness, empathy, focused attention and self-regulation strategies
  • Facilitate behavioral and emotional regulation
  • Support social and emotional learning
  • Enrich teacher/student and student/student communication while facilitating classroom management
  • Learn how to use these tools to manage your own stress throughout the day

The integration of mindfulness into our district curriculum and practice has made a world of difference not only for our students but also our teachers. It has created an awareness of the importance of students overall social and emotional health and allowed our teachers to feel comfortable instituting practices to support their well-being. Our work with Allison has allowed us to implement a sustainable culture of focused attention to relieve stress and anxiety that ultimately brings about gratitude and happiness for everyone! —Patricia Calandro Chief Academic Officer Kingsway Regional & South Harrison Twp. Elem. School Districts