Middle and High School

EVERYDAY Mindfulness

Techniques for Teens to Develop Compassion, Calm, Focus and Resilience

Today’s teens are struggling with managing their time, emotions, social groups, workload and discovering who they are as a student and human being. It is a lot for anyone. They have become so technologically plugged in, that the pace of their life has become overwhelming. Our program provides them with tools to pause, acknowledge, shift, and refocus. The EVERYDAY Mindfulness program teaches students how to develop greater self-awareness, balanced with compassion and acceptance. Our proprietary curriculum infuses neuroscience, positive psychology as well as social and emotional learning, allowing teens to understand their thought, the power of their mind, and the relationship between their mind and body.

This training/curriculum is designed to help your educators teach students how to:

  • Cultivate compassion, calm, focus and resilience within their students and for themselves
  • Develop inner awareness of thoughts, sensations, and emotions
  • Pause, notice and respond, rather than react to their daily stressors with anger, aggression or despair
  • Utilize healthy stress management techniques, which can be carried with them throughout their lives
  • Understand the neuroscience of the adolescent brain and the implementation of mindfulness, empowering them to take an active role in shaping their brain and mind

Program easily integrates into lessons within your existing classroom/district curriculum.

This training was amazing & eye opening. There were lessons that could be used as chunks or bites. It was so practical. Even though I have never taught movement or mindfulness before, I can certainly see myself using this program in my class with my students.
—8th grade English Teacher

I do practice mindfulness however I am so grateful to have a scripted way to teach it to my students. Thank you so much. 23 years of teaching and this was the best workshop ever!
—High School Teacher

I’m grateful to have been chosen by my district to attend this workshop. The techniques I learned today are so easy to follow. I now see how sharing this in my classroom is very doable and will not take extra work. Personally, I am excited to practice the techniques for myself. All of the breathing exercises are helpful for coping in today’s stressful world. Our children are faced with many issues. I can see how this will help. I plan to introduce this program immediately and allow this to be a part of my regular class routine.
-–10th grade Science Teacher