Elementary School


Tools for Engaged Learning and Living (K-5th grade)

The Educate 2B program teaches your faculty the how and why of sharing evidence-based Yoga and Mindfulness exercises of breath, movement and meditation with their students. Educators obtain an understanding of the neuroscience and the research supporting the program. The exercises provide students with the tools 2B: self-regulated, focused and resilient while preparing them to achieve an optimal learning state.

This K-5th grade curriculum is designed to:

  • Easily be integrated into any classroom, therapy, counseling or home setting
  • Completed as short, “Two-minute breaks” throughout the day, or sequenced together as part of a longer session
  • Empower students to take an active role in understanding, achieving and maintaining an optimal learning state
  • Improve behavior, self-control, emotional regulation, and coping skills
  • Build the cognitive muscles of focus and resilience while providing effective self-regulation strategies
  • Reduce stress, balance energy levels, develop healthy habits of mind/body and build positive perspectives and mind-sets

The EDUCATE 2B program helps students become:

The “easy to read” icons help YOU to understand the effect each of the activities will have on the nervous system. There are times your students will need strategies to calm down. There are other times when they need some energy. We all have had students who always have their head on the desk, ready to fall asleep, or those that need and extra boost at the end of the day. Focusing tools build the skill of attention. Using affirmations and positive self-talk, practices of compassion and heartfulness, we build awareness of caring for ourselves and others, becoming positively connected. The ‘ready to learn‘ tools develop the foundational gross motor, fine motor and ocular-motor skills essential for learning.

Supports special needs and inclusive classrooms, RTI, Guidance, counseling and therapeutic services.

Read about the research that has been done on the EDUCATE 2B program, supporting children with autism in the classroom.