Grocery shopping made easier, and without the tantrums!

Has your child ever had a melt down in the grocery store, and you’ve found yourself thinking, there’s got to be an easier way?

Don’t worry if you’ve answered yes to this question, it’s normal. The good news is that Tranquility guides you through that easier way, bringing fun and joy back into parenting, while allowing you to raise happy, resilient kids.

Grocery store madness, no more! So wait, exhausting shopping trips are now a thing of the past? Yes, and with Tranquility you will be laughing with your kids instead. How is this possible? The proof is always in the pudding, and here are two prime time examples:

Solution #1: Remove the ultimatums. Guide them down a path, full of love!

Rather than being hectic, grocery store trips become fun. Silence is the key ingredient. That’s right! Evidence shows that parents who raise the most accountable children say very little (or nothing) when their kids test them. They turn what would be potential chaos for most into priceless opportunities. Rather than applying band-aids, they choose to make long term investments in their children. These parents allow the situation to unfold more naturally, and in turn the newly learned behaviors are more sustainable.

Johnny is staggering along with his mommy in the grocery store. He then starts making his moves with the shelves, and the items at his disposal on them. After getting no rises out of mommy yet, now he begins to hide. Warnings are a thing of the past, as Johnny’s wicked smart mommy doesn’t over dialogue with rushing him, intimidating him or forecasting the non-existent trouble that’s on the way for him. She simply continues about her business in lockstep and doesn’t allow any noise to disrupt her trip at the grocery store. While continuing on her mission, she is almost watching him out of the corner of her eye. Johnny recognizes he may be lost, but mommy knows where Johnny is, and is having some fun with it! Much like Johnny was hiding, now mommy is following suit. He looks around, doesn’t see her, panics a bit, and begins to run down the aisle. Mommy reappears as he turns the corner, and follows with “oh silly boy, there you are (with a chuckle).” Johnny is now following mommy all on his own, as he learned to follow mommy, as she is the leader, not the other way around!

Solution #2: When tantrums erupt, don't be afraid to add in some humor!

Most parents don’t have the confidence. Instead, they pigeon hole themselves into a system filled with limited beliefs. A consistently reactive system in nature, with guaranteed misery and tantrums to follow. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Not so much! Well, anger, frustration and threats are extracted from the equation Tranquility removes those counterproductive philosophies and injects the proper amount of emotional intelligence to communicate effectively with our children.
Zoe wants candy and she wants it now. In front of hundreds of shoppers, she begins her attack on the sweets! Dad is watching!