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Welcome to the Next Phase of Parenting & Relationships!

Let us help you gain back the control of your relationships, while creating joy for your family. At Parent U, we will support you through life’s curve balls with our comprehensive toolbox. These tools have been influenced by our board of experts and our founders, Charles, Ellie and Brad. We will get back to the basics.


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• 24/7 Support & Communication (Email & Chat Included, Phone & Face to Face Are Available as an Add-on in Most Cases)

• Guidance Through Our Behavior Modification Models, All Designed by Charles, Ellie, Brad & Our Board of Experts

• A Gradual Approach to Dealing With Parenting Challenges & This Mindset Shift  

• Those That Meet Specific Self-Reflection & Self-Correction Criteria May Qualify For Our VIP, High Octane, “Parent U+” Solution (Entry Fee Applies)

• It’s Your Customized Comedy Relief Plan & For Entertainment Purposes Only