Allison Nicolelli DiCicco

Allison Nicolelli Dicicco

The word passion is synonymous with Allison Nicolelli Dicicco. A current high school teacher with 26 years of experience in the public-school system, Allison has dedicated her career to her students.

Often viewed as a mother figure to her ‘kids’, she has undeniably gained their trust. Her students have been confronted with various situations during her 26 years of teaching, both in urban and non-urban educational environments. These include bullying, peer pressure, drugs, family dynamics, hunger, crime, personal hardships and more.

The message she shares with her students is one of confidence. The tools these students need already exist within them but the path to discovery is often difficult to find. She witnesses her ‘kids’ seeking comfort and answers from external resources, often leading them towards the wrong path. Whether it is friends or clothing labels, she helps redirect her students to discover self-assurance from within.

Allison often relates back to a quote from one of her favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy is disappointed that the Wizard is not who she envisioned, Glenda the Good Witch tells her, “You don’t need to be helped any longer, you’ve always had the power to go home to Kansas”. It is then that Dorothy clicks those famous red sparkly shoes and finds her way home.

Allison has concerns about the children of today due to the current culture of our country. Through her worldwide travels and exposure to other cultures, she has realized the lack of self-awareness, balance and connectivity both children, and adults exhibit today. Everyone is busy, trying to earn a living, build a career, have a family and stay sane in this challenging world. Technology has created a fake sense of self, painting a picture of perfectionism that does not exist.
From the time Allison was pregnant, which did not come without challenges, she craved guidance and was not able to find it. When her first child entered pre-school, the leadership was once again lacking.

Allison knows it takes a village and Allison has created villages for her students as well as herself. As the mother of two children, she understands the struggles parents face. She is extremely excited to help build villages for other parents and children through Parent U UP, by Mommy Masters®.