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Who Are We?

There are no coincidences and the stars were in alignment along with the dramatic need for a new disruptive force. Thus the partnership of Brad Michaels, Karen Stone and Jenny and Craig Dumnich.was inevitable. How did it all begin.

For Brad Michaels, this journey began several years ago with the breakdown of his family unit. It shattered his reality of the way things are meant to transpire. He chose to take this experience and create a method and process that disrupts the categorical wrongs that take place within some of our systems that harm and demean individuals to include our children. Brad and a few of his friends and colleagues created the ParenUUp process where conventional means of supporting parents, children, teachers and caregivers take a back seat and healing begins quickly with a direct and unconventional means of support.

For Jenny and Craig Dumnich, their journey began when they found themselves divorced and in a blended family. Health and nutrition became an integral part of their everyday lives when Jenny experienced significant health issues. Her wake up call came when she realized that in order to heal her body, she also needed to heal her mind. Craig joined her in this mission and they both began to work on their mind limitations combined with a in depth look at their health and nutrition. They began holding retreats with a great deal of success and a following that led them to believe that they had found their true purpose as individuals and together. Brad met Jenny and Craig and they began a conversation about how they could partner to bring about change.

For Karen Stone, her journey began 35 years ago when her life also took a turn. She found herself once again a single parent with a child with significant disabilities. She was devastated by this new reality and she wanted answers. In pursuing her Master’s degree, she found she was actually quite smart and so she wanted to know that if she was so smart, why wasn’t she happy. She pursued therapy, new age workshops and devoted her life to discovering what was the cause of her personally not being able to succeed. She discovered that her childhood had a great deal to do with this. She was bullied from a very young age at home and at school. She learned that we are the voices we hear unless we begin to hear different voices telling us about our goodness and our lovability. Her work with children led her to create the Voices of CJ program that has evolved over the years. She believed that lovable and engaging characters could project the voices children needed to hear and mentor them with fun and laughter. About 15 years ago, Emotional Intelligence became a major part of Karen’s emotional well-being. “The Voices of CJ” program was revised to follow Daniel Goleman’s 7 attributes of emotional intelligence. CJ, the major character, is our Creator of Joy and he and his family of characters teach young children the skills needed to develop these attributes along with songs, games and puzzles, and YouTube episodes. Karen met Brad and the partnership of disrupting the way we raise our children began.

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